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Our History

  • 2016年10月October 12日,28th September 1994,The Chen XueCun Award was founded to reward outstanding research papers on maternal and child nutrition.
  • 2016年10月October 12日,15th January 1993,The Su ZuFei Award was founded, individual awards were set up for maternal nutrition and child nutrition respectively.

  • 2016年10月October 12日,6th October 1989,The National Dietary Guidelines (1989) was published.
  • 2016年10月October 12日,28th October 1988,The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) was formed and revised.

  • 1981年11月November 04日,Journal of Nutrition resumed publication.
  • 2016年10月October 12日,8th April 1985,Joined the Federation of Asian Nutrition Societies (FANS).
  • 2016年10月October 12日,The Chinese Association for Science and Technology issued Document Number 89, the Chinese Nutrition Society (CNS) was then officially established.
  • 2016年10月October 12日,CNS joined the International Union of Nutrition Science (IUNS).
  • 2016年10月October 12日,Family of Hou XiangChuan donated to the Nutrition Department of the Chinese Physiological Sciences Society; hence the Hou XiangChuan Award Foundation was found. Jin DaXun was appointed as the chairman of the fund’s management committee.

  • 2016年10月October 12日,The 13th National Congress was held in Beijing and the Chinese Nutrition Society was officially renamed as the Chinese Physiological Sciences Society.
  • 2016年10月October 12日,The Chinese Nutrition Society was founded in Chongqing, Sichuan.