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Academic conference 学术会议
Academic conference / 学术会议
         Chinese Nutrition Society (CNS) was founded in 1945 in Chongqing, China with the name Association for Nutrition Science. Hsien Wu (1893-1959), a biochemist of international repute (referred to as the Father of Biochemistry in China) was instrumental in bringing together his fellow biochemists to establish the Society. In 1946, the Chinese Journal of Nutrition was established. 

          The Society hit the ground running, as it had to grapple with widespread hunger and poverty brought about by the war time situation. The Society stood the test of time and today can boast of 18,000 members, 18 academic committees, and branch societies. Among its specialized committees are the Maternal and Child, Nutrition of the Elderly, Public Nutrition, Food and Nutrition. Medical Foods, Functional foods and Basic nutrition. The CNS has high reputation as a scientific body within China. Since 1952, the Society has published 6 editions of the Chinese Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI), formulated and updated 4 editions of the Chinese Dietary Guidelines since 1988, and has supported and promoted legislations on nutrition since 1992. 

          CNS joined the International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS) in 1985 as an Adhering Body. The Society is also a member of the Federation of Asian Nutrition Societies. The Society, through its science and technology innovations and publications, has contributed significantly to improvement in the quality of life for Chinese. 
To support the anniversary celebration, the Presidents of IUNS (Lartey) and American Society for Nutrition (ASN) (Stover) were invited. The highlight of the day was the International Friendship Awards given to persons who have contributed to the work of the CNS. Among these were two past presidents of IUNS: Mark Wahlqvist (President from 2001-2005) and Ibrahim Elmadfa (President from 2009-2013). 

 Picture from left to right: Wang Longde(Honorary Chairman of the CNS,Award-givers), Barry Popkin of the ASN (awardee), Anna Lartey (IUNS President), Ibrahim Elmadfa (awardee), Mark Wahlqvist (awardee), Ge Keyou(Honorary Chairman of the CNS,Award-givers) 


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